Friday, May 30, 2003

Polar Bear finds a play toy in the Artic.

This leads me to an Article emailed me by Kashei at Spot On by Ann Coulter about the environment.

Global warming is a complicated scientific issue thats influence will be measured in 100's and 1000's of years, not comparing this winter or summer to last years. The earth will change naturally over time even without any human influence so we can't expect our climate to always be the same.
I do believe human impact is having an effect on the earth's climate. The Polar Ice caps are melting, that is a fact.
Here is a simple way to thing about it:
Greenhouse gasses occur in nature. They are the gasses that have kept the Earth's temparature much warmer than the earth would be without these gasses. This has been going on for millions of years. Now if Humans add more of these gasses on top of what nature has already provided the impact will be a larger greenhouse effect.

The EPA explains greenhouse effect explains global warming

The passage below is from the Article about the Polar Bear and the Nuclear Submarine. It's from The War Strategy Page and not an environmental group.

They have also used their sonar to measure the ice thickness and report that the ice has lost 40 percent of its thickness in the last 20 years. This has caused problems for the polar bears, who feed on seals that surface near offshore ice flows or through breathing holes in pack ice. Some bears are forced to come ashore earlier because of the longer warm season. This is caused by a combination of global warming and the normal fluctuation of Arctic ice thickness.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Old Man of The Mountain
This news is old because it happened almost a month ago but it has taken me some time to get over it and come to terms.
New Hampshire's State Symbol is no more.
I have memories of driving up North to see the Old Man at various points in my life from early childhood to a couple years ago.
You will be missed.

Monday, May 26, 2003

Affirmative Action for Boys

I listened to an interesting segment on 60 Minutes last night. It raiised the issue that girls are doing better than boys in every level of the education system from elementary through college. Girls are going to college at higher rates than boys. Going to business, law and medical schools at much higher rates than boys. The problem is becoming so severe that some colleges have started affirmative action for boys to increase the number of boys. I am wondering how people feel about this?
It doesn't bother me because I am a believer in increased diversity in education system and gender is important part of diversity.

Some say boys are doing bad because of the influence of feminism. Boys are getting punished for acting like boys in school (more active, rambumptios) and girls are rewarded for acting like a girl would normaly act. Also girls are constantly being told they can do anything and get a lot of enouragement while boys haven't been getting this kind of reinforcement. Some say the problem is that most teachers are women and the women teachers are favoring girls.

Boys and girls are different and respond differently to different teaching methods and curriculums. In all boy classes designed for boys they do better than in mixed sex classes. The raises the question that mixed sex classes have been catered to girls and girl behavior, what I said earlier punishing boys for being boys.

If boys aren't getting into college based on merrit sbould they get any preference? If you say "no" and colleges are already doing it do you have a problem with it? Does it bother you as much as affirmitive action for minorities?

Friday, May 23, 2003


Since SARS started up a few months ago the world has taken aggressive steps to stop it in its tracks. The USA has taken it seriously and vigilence has been on high to detect the disease and stop it's spread. So far these efforts have been highly successful and SARS seem to be on the decline.

In 1981 a mysterious new disease simultantiously started infecting gay men in California and New York. The disease became known as AIDS. AIDS began to spread like wildfire yet Ronald Reagan remained silent about the deadly disease, withholding funding for research, treatment and education. The Reagan administration opposed funding into AIDS research or HIV prevention. Even as the epidemic escalated out of control, there remained a near-total vacuum of leadership at the national level. It was not until 1987 after AIDS had killed thousand of people in the US that Reagan addressed AIDS as a policy issue.
Was it because AIDS had mostly effected gays? The conservative right were indifferent to a disease that focused on gays?

What if AIDS had been taken as seriosly as SARS is today? Could the AIDS epidemic in America could have been prevented?

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

New List is up on List Wars
The Best Night Life City list is ready!!

TEN TIPS on How to Be an Arafat Apologist.
This is a good read.

Monday, May 19, 2003

TV News Bias
The BBC is owned by the British government, and one might have expected it to support that government's policies. In fact, however, it tried hard - too hard, its critics say - to stay impartial. America's television networks are privately owned, yet they behaved like state-run media.

The BBC doesn't mix patriotism and politics with news coverage. One reason I think the Right labels the BBC as being bias is that it covers news on human terms, showing the human side of events from different perspectives. There are a lot of personal stories and segements. Yes, this means you hear people you may regard as the enemy speak, or people say bad things about America or Britain but this makes the news well rounded, not bias.

Iraqi Prisoners Tortured.

I think I would crack under the assault of the Purple Dinosaur.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

My late night door man is really cool. The day time door guys are nothing special but the late night dude rocks.

And now Bon Jovi. Whenever I hit the night life scene in New Jersey no matter what bar i'm in invevitalby a Bon Jovi song will be played. It's always fun and everyone sings along. Everyone including myself seems to realize how cheesy it is but nevertheless the bar crowd has a bonding experience as we sing a popular Bon Jovi tune together.
The same for Bruce Springsteen but the self realized Cheesyness factor is a lot less.

Friday, May 16, 2003

French are Annoyed about disinformation smear campaign.

It is true that a lot of rumors, allegations and theories that are reported in the media are then repeated as fact over and over on blogs, editiorials, and discussions. It can change non-verfied, un-fact checked stories into Gospel in less than 48 hours in the Blogosphere. It is a neat phenomenon that Blogs played a large role in creating. Blogs are making what would have been minor side stories into major stories, this gets back to the major news media and then that story that would have dissapeared makes the National News. It's kind of cool, and we bloggers are responsible.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Over Fishing serverly reducing fish stocks worldwide.

"Industrial whaling, for example, reduced many large whales by a factor of 10 or more in a relative short time frame, the North American bison was reduced from 30 million to less than 1,000 in a few decades, the passenger pigeon, from many billions to zero during the same time," Worm said. "I think we need to understand just how good we are at killing large numbers of animals."

Not only are the numbers of fish disappearing but the physical size of many fish is shrinking as barely any make it to a ripe old age. The average size of a sword fish is half the size of what they were before overfishing.

Jumbo Jet Buzzes NYC
How unbelievably irresponsible can someone be? This city is still traumatized by what happened on september 11th. I still can't help but look up everytime I hear a jet flying by. What happened in this story must have really freaked people out.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Would the Real Saddam Hussein Please Stand Up.
This rocks. It's better with sound.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I watched part of the O'reilly Factor last night and during O'relly's Talking Points segment he was talking about Bush's tax cut plan. He was basically saying that wealth redistribution from the rich to the poor is bad. He said this to make his Point:
People making over $53,000 a year pay an ASTOUNDING 83% of taxes.

What the hell kind of stat is that? Once you think about it it's really not all that astounding.
How is this for a stat? People making over $0.00 a year pay an even more ASTOUNDING 100% of taxes!!
Oreilly's stat is voodoo economics at work. He sets him benchmark at $53,000 is this number designed to get middle to upper-middle class people thinking that thet are paying 83% off all taxes and that it's unfair?
First it's people making $53,000 and UP, this is a pretty big chunk of people and includes the multi-millionairs. The more money you make the more taxes you are going to generate. It's that simple.
The lower you set your benchmark, the higher percentage of taxes your share of people will be paying.
Made up example. People making over $32,000 a year pay 92% percent of taxes!!!

Come on Oreilly you can do better than that, use a real stat next time you try to convince people to support Bush's tax plan. You almost fooled me but I am to smart to get hoodwinked by your ASTOUNDING stats.

Hook up Test
For Boys and Girls!!
I'm a Party Planner, too much planning not enough playing.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Encyclopedia Brown Goes to Iraq.

Washington Poots
The Fake News covers Bush's carrier speech. More Fake News on Carrier story Here

American History X is a very good movie.

Friday, May 09, 2003

The Dog
I stayed up too late last night researching this. I was curious on what wild members of the Dog Family could produce offspring with the Domesticated Dog (gentically compatable).
Domestic Dogs, true Wolves, Coyote, true Jackals and Dingo's are close relatives and can all interbreed with each other.

Domestic dogs are most closely related to the Grey Wolf. In fact, genetically they are almost the exact same. Domestic dogs are descendents of domesticated anscesters to Grey Wolves. Biologically the Domestic Dog and Grey Wolf have grown apart (different breeding cycles, Female Wolves only go in heat once a year, domestic dog multiple times a year; Male wolves have sperm ready only once a year, male dogs have sperm always ready to go. and other physical biological differences)

Domestic Dogs and Grey wolves can interbreed and produce hybrid offspring. The offspring are fertile.
Interesting fact: The Grey Wolf is more closely related to a domestic dog than to a Coyote.
The Red Wolf in believed to be a hybrid species from a Grey Wolf and Coyote.
The Coyote and the Jackal are other close relatives to the domestic dog.
The Dingo's of Australia are ancient domestic dogs that have returned to the wild (it's really a sub-species of domestic dog).

Here are some members of the Dog Family that are not as closely related to the domestic dog and can not interbreed with the domestic dog.
The Fox.
The Racoon Dog.
The Bush Dog.

Here are some species that I don't think can produce offspring with a domestic dog, I didn't find any evidence they could. If you can find anything to the contrary please let me know.
If it is possible the offspring might be infertile, like the Mule a hybrid of horse and donkey. Infertile offspring is natures defense againts un-natural hybridization. Hybridization between species not closely related rarely happens in nature but has been done with human intervention.

African Wild Dog
Maned Wolf

Finally here are some animals that are NOT part of the dog family but seem like they are.

Typing Monkeys Had a month and no Shakespear yet. Not even a word. You would think the odds of getting one word right would be cake compared to an entire work of Shakespear. I would put a bet on 2 months for one word. Any takers?

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Democrats blast Bush over jet landing on aircraft carrier. Claim it cost's a lot of money and delayed the ships return one day.

Everything costs money. More money is wasted in worse ways than letting Bush play pretend fighter pilot for a day. What I have a problem with (if it's proven to be true) is that the ship was delayed a day for Bush's visit. It would be Ironic because Bush made a big deal in his speech about how long those soldiers had been out at sea away from their family and homes and that they would be home soon (We would be with our families today if you didn't decide to make your photo-op on our ship)

Cats and Dogs are being farmed for their Fur in Europe. Strays are also being rounded up to make coats and blankets. A bunch of savages over there.

Salam Pax in Bagdad is back and blogging again.
It's great to know he made it through the war in one piece.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

White House Mulls Free Gas During Next War
Satire From Uncertainty Park.

North Korea's official website
Doesn't the symbol over the "Friendship/Activities" link look kind of menacing?

High School Hazing
Stupid people doing stupid things. Why does this happen? More importantly why is it accepted by the people who take part in it? Peer pressure, mob mentality, retarded heiarchy system?

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Allegations that French gave ranking members of Saddams Regime passports to escape to the European Union


This is pretty funny.
Question and Answer time with EPA Boss Christine Whitman

Segregated Proms
Michael Jackson was wrong. It does matter if you are Black or White. The problems of racism in small towns like this one are so deeply imbedded that the simple answer of banning seperate Proms will not work. Social change is slow and an effort must be made to get it started. Even if a town like this starts down the path of racial harmony it will take many many years as people were born into this kind of racism and are stubborn to change thier views. A place like this is like a hundred years behind most the country so we got a while to wait.

Monday, May 05, 2003

One of the richest men in the world Buffet attacks Bush's economic plan.
I am not for the Bush plan. It screams of injustice. The main beneficiaries will be people like me

He also thinks executives are overpayed and over compensated creating a greater and greater disparity between lower workers. He also complains that Stock Option for executives lead executives to falsely inflate the value of their companies and this lead to disasters like Enron and Worldcom.
Cheers Mr. Buffet, it is rare to find a richman that is not disgustingly greedy.

UN loots itself
Sheesh the UN can't even control looting in its own bulding by its own people. This is very telling indeed.

Fraternity HAZING water torture kills 18 year old student.
Hazing is stupid. It should be wiped out of existence.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Inforgraphic from The Onion

We'll put a stop to terrorism, says Palestinian PM

This is a Good Start let's see how long he last before he is assassinated by Arab radicals. I have a hunch this is why reformist Palsestinean leaders dedicated to peace have not emerged, they are afraid for thier lives once they get power.

Freedom Ship
I love this idea. A very ambitious project indeed!! Great for the environment and it will cut down on the sprawl problem we have been talking about.

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