Monday, February 28, 2005

Mitch "Blood" Green
At TPO (time and place of occurance) I almost had to arrest a pro boxer that went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, back when Tyson was in his prime (pre ear biting days). Saturday night in front of a night club he got in an argument with the clubs manager. The police were called so that's when I enter the scene. It took about 20 minutes but myself and a few other officers managed to get all 6'5'' of this heavy weight to walk away and leave the club manager alone.

This is the same Mitch Green that Tyson got in a street fight with in Harlem. And the same Mitch Green that was notorious as a gang banger in the Bronx and Harlem and fought with police in the past. Maybe he's mellowed out since then...

This page has Tyson Vs Green background info, including the street fight.

When Mike Tyson and Mitch "Blood' Green came together in Madison Square Garden, the event was fraught with sub-plots. Mike Tyson was a street legend in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, while Bronx born, Mitch "Blood" Green, was called by many The King of the New York Street Gangs. The notorious "Blood" Green was credited with being the inspiration for the violent portrayal of gang life in the motion picture"The Warrior".

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I don't like radio stations with the tag names Magic, The Magic, The Wiz, Lite, or Mix. The music these stations play has a nauseating affect on me. These stations usually describe themselves as easy listening, or adult contemporary or R&B. Unfortunately the guy I frequently partner with on patrol really likes these stations and we are always battling over the radio.
What are the usual tag names of radio stations you have an aversion too?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


The massive art project in Central Park gives me the creeps. I'm convinced it has a hidden purpose, possibly sinister. Think about it. Does it make sense that something so large and expensive is built just for the sake of art?

This thing snakes around Central Park in a bizarre pattern for 23 miles. This pattern is not accidental. There is a method to the madness and a design intentional. These Gates are up to something....A Gate to somewhere or something...

Remember the mysterious statues on Easter Island? There is still speculation and controversy regarding the origin and purpose of the statues and the disappearance of the civilization that built them. If 1200 years from now Archeologist looked back on us and discovered The Gates, they would be asking the same questions. Why was it built? Who built them? What do they do?
The Gates in Central Park are as creepy as mysterious statues on Easter Island.

The Gates are ungodly in a way, a bright orange abomination that snakes around the park in singleminded strange pattern. Could the Gates be the Key that unlocks the Gates of Hell? A portal to the Netherworld that the Devil will use to enter our world?

Maybe the Gates will rip a hole in the Time-Space continuum and allow time travel.

Possibly the Gates are designed to communicate with Extra-Terrestrial intelligence?

The Gates could be a Stargate warping things to or from the far reaches of the Universe.

Or the Gates could be a portal to another dimension.

What do you think the purpose behind The Gates is?

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