Friday, August 10, 2007

The Big Ass is here to stay

I read this article in the Village Voice via comment section from Alarming News .

I noticed the big ass trend a few years ago and it's nice to see other people have noticed it too.
I theorize that the big ass ideal started and is prevalent in racially mixed urban neighborhoods but has been expanding over time and is being emulated by the suburbs.
Not too long ago, like say 7 years ago. The big ass was a negative quality for most races. Men did not find it attractive and women avoided having a big ass or showing it off like the plague.
Then that all changed. The big ass is in now! Men of all races drool over a women with junk in the trunk and women are proud to have a big ass asset. I connect the progression of this trend with the rise in popularity of hip hop music/culture. And in racially mixed areas when a non-black guy has black guy friends and his black friends are loving the big ass the white guy will become culturally conditioned to see the big ass a positive. And when women noticed this, suddenly their dreaded big ass becomes their lovely lady hump.

I have not bought into the big ass trend and it just does not do it for me.
But I drive around the city with black and Hispanic guys all day and look at girls. I know many white and Asian guys who love the big ass. I have to wonder if they have always loved the big ass or they find it attractive now when they didn't 10 years ago.

I dated a girl with a nice normal sized ass but she longed to have a big ghetto booty. She joked about getting ass implants way too much that i started to wonder if she was joking.
I think the big ass trend for girls of all races is here to stay, at least in racially mixed urban areas. Hip hop music is here to stay and so is the big ass.

But let me tell all the girls out there that if you got a nice small perfectly shaped ass don't change it and make it ghetto! There are guys like me that will love your ass just the way it is.

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