Friday, May 06, 2005


Here is a test I created to measure just how libertarian you are. I think that many libertarians but not all of course, don't realize how much government does and is neccessary.

Answer the following with a "yes" or a "no". "yes" if you believe that the function, agency or service is needed at the government level and "no" if you feel that it is not.
If you want, give reasons and alternatives.

One final question. How much seperates an extreme libertarian from an anarchist?

******UPDATE UPDATE**********
Instead of answering simply "yes" or "no" think about if they should be:

1. NEA and state arts division
2. National Parks
3. State Parks
3. U.S. Forest Service
4. Animal Control (dog catcher)
5. FDA (health inspectors, drug approvers)
6. EPA (environmental laws, regulations)
7. Highway and roads
8. Child Services (childrens welfare, protection, state custody)
9. Services for adult mentally retarded (the state taking care of retards)
10. FCC
11. Librarys
12. Public Schools
13. Abortion laws
14. Civil Courts
15. Criminal Courts
16. Federal Military
17. State Military
18. Income Taxes
19. FAA (air traffic controllers)
20. Major public works (dams)
21. Youth Centers, public pools
22. Peace Corps
23. Police Force
24. Fire Departments
25. Welfare, public housing, food stamps.
26. Social Security
27. Medicare
28. Medicaid
29. Drug Enforcement
30. Border Patrol
31. Immigration services
32. Sales Taxes
33. Property Taxes
34. Gun Laws (restrictions)
35. Restaurant health inspectors
35. Safety Inspectors (amusement park rides, elevators)
36. Fire inspectors (capacity rules, number of exits...)
37. Public Transportation.
38. American Disability Act (providing access for wheel chairs)
39. Foreign Aid
40. Homeless shelters
41. Vehicle safety regulations, inspection, car registration, car insurance requirement.
42. OSHA (Labor Occupational Safety and Health Organization)
43. All criminal laws
44. Laws regulating sex between consenting adults
45. Marriage as a goverment identified status
46. Laws regulating what marriage is between who
47. Affirmative action
48. Funding for Museums
49. Center for Disease Control
50. Public Service Campaigns (don't smoke, don't drink and drive, say not to drugs, give a hoot don't pollute, Smokey the Bear and Woodsy the Owl)

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