Monday, December 01, 2003

The Bush SUV tax bonanza
President wants to triple the deduction on biggest gas-guzzlers.
The current tax code gives a nice tax break to heavy vehicles. Bush wants to raise the amount of the tax break from 25,000 dollars to 75,000 dollars.

When created this tax break was MEANT for heavy commercial equipment like farm and construction equipment. Over the past few years big ass powerful SUV's have surpassed the weight limit to qualify for the break. And as I said before, this encourages both the car manufacturers to make their SUV's larger and the consumer to buy the larger SUV to qualify for the tax break.

Instead of closing this loophole, Bush wants to make it worse by providing even more incentive to build and buy huge gas guzzlers. Way to go Bush!!
Bush can help you pollute, become more oil dependent and pay for your SUV with my tax money.

Currently their are about 40 passenger vehicles that qualify. This number is only going to grow with these kind of policy's.

Somethings I would like to see done instead:

1. Instead of the 75,000 dollars break to buy a Lincoln Navigator how about 75,000 dollar to buy high mileage vehicles. That is an environmentally responsible tax break.

2. Raise mileage per gallon standards to reflect advances in fuel efficient engine technology.

3. Don't increase the gas tax. Instead Tax car sales based on mileage per gallon.
Higher mileage = lower tax
Lower mileage = higher tax

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