Thursday, September 01, 2005


Sike. Nope, this has not happened but it possibly could in the near future. Here is the scenario.

A mega earthquake strikes San Francisco devastating the city. Buildings collapse, water and power is lost, fires burn out of control. Thousands dead. Highways and roads destroyed. Shell shocked survivors try to evacuate but highways are so damaged they are trapped. Rescue and disaster relief workers are seriously impeded by impassable highways denying them easy ground access to the city. Damaged impassable highways create logjams of cars filled with people trying to escape. Hundreds of thousands are trapped in the city and are forced to make a slow journey on foot to get out. Emergency aid can't get in the city and the population can't escape. Thousands more die as a result. And there's always the possibility of after shocks.

Jump back in time back to today. Imagine that San-Francisco has been receiving federal funding for the last 50 years to make their highways earthquake resistant. San-Francisco says it needs continued federal funds and requests even more money. President Bush ignores these pleas and instead severely cuts the projects funding.

Would you support Bush's action?

Would you defend Bush?

Would you defend Bush the same way that his funding reductions to New Orleans hurricane protection projects are being defended here?

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